There are more of us…

“At this crucial time in our lives, when everything is so desperate, when every day is a matter of survival, I don’t think you can help but be involved.”

~Nina Simone

Nina Simone: Mississippi Goddam

“You get racism crossing the street; it’s in the very fabric of American society.”

~Nina Simone

We can takit back... !


Only 4% of Americans are millionaires.
There are more of us than there are of them. Across history, we have defeated various isms and ideologies by organizing, educating and agitating. Giving up is not a viable tactic.


This struggle for justice has endured for more than 40 years and it is time for justice to finally prevail. Our survival depends on the 60-plus % of Americans who choose peace.



“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”
― Emma Goldman


Nina Simone – African Mailman

At home, American police bureaus, militarized and armed with machine-guns, have been provided a license to kill at will and our president claims a “right” to kill anyone, anywhere, any time, for any reason or without providing any reason at all.

resistThis amoral and extralegal extortion has been extended  abroad in more than 25 corporate wars of choice for extraction or exploitation. What is most terrifying is that the American people have surrendered to this betrayal and treason. With innocents executed at home and abroad, we are under attack and must stand up and fight back.

The revolution has begun.

“A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability.”

Robert F. Kennedy

Everything must change!



Many remember when America was doubling down on French losses in South Vietnam and the United States had become the newest occupier in that nation. Real journalists, videographers and photographers inspired an uprising in America and across the globe.


We shut down that American war on the Vietnamese and Cambodian people.

The carnage was disastrous: more than 58 thousand American lives, many forced into service…  and at least two to three million indigenous people.



People who stand up and speak out make a difference. Don’t buy the lies, lesser evil or trickle-down theories.
We have been too patient and waited too long.



“America is the first country… that can actually have a bloodless revolution.”

~Malcolm X

Nina Simone Revolution

“A revolution is not a bed of roses.  A revolution is a struggle between the future 
and the past.”

Fidel Castro…/history…/


“You’ve got to learn to leave the table, When love’s no longer being served.”


~Nina Simone


Backlash Blues




We are waging unprovoked wars of aggression in more than 28 nations, using 800 airbases in 150 nations in wars for extraction, exploitation and extortion. This costs a bankrupt nation trillions, kills millions and makes the planet demonstrably less secure while toxic oceans rise to flood all shores. 

No sane person can call this surrender to expanding wars “good leadership.”


Vote Green for Peace! all ships can rise. 

Nina Simone – I Shall Be Released

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