Funny Business…

peace5The United States Government has been run like a branch of organized crime: a special sort of American business.

Funny business that ain’t so funny.

For more than than 38 years, corporate and military elites have run the show: spending trillions killing millions for billionaires. They withhold health care from the American people and bankrupted the nation.

Endless war is unsustainable.



Time to shut down wars on people who have not attacked us and begin to secure the peace, rebuild the nation and heal the planet.



We can shut down wars of choice and reinvest those funds in infrastructure, alternative energy, education, health care, housing and peace. We have solutions.



The Wordsmith Collection: Writing & Creative Arts

( or

Please support Alternative Media and Education

and other real news resources…peace5

Together we make a difference. Thanks for all you do.  Join the Revolution!


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