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Green Party of the United States


This year’s Annual National Meeting of the Green Party of the United States will be held on the campus of the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey, July 13-16.

The Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ) is this year’s host. GPNJ has organized local affiliates in Newark and Essex County. There will be several candidates running for local offices in Newark this year. New Jersey is also one of two states to have a 2017 gubernatorial race. Seth Kaper-Dale, the GPNJ candidate, is running strong and his goal is to raise $460,000 to enter the debates (this is the only requirement).

You don’t want to miss great workshops, panel discussions, caucus and committee meetings, films, and a fundraising party with food from a local chef, karaoke, a talent show, and networking with other greens.

We sold out of rooms so they gave us a few more.  Register for your housing no later than June 30. This is absolutely a final deadline. No reservations or waiting list after this date.

Information on registration and housing reservations can be found here.

Workshops start Thursday afternoon and continue all day Friday. Go here to see the draft schedule. You can also register for each day separately.

We hope to see you in Newark!


Maine-Greens-Ranked-Choice.jpgRanked Choice Voting in Maine: “Well informed readers will know that we in Maine succeeded in becoming the first in the country to initiate a vote for ranked choice voting (RCV) statewide with a referendum and winning that vote 52-47 percent last November. However, there is a problem. The opponents of our victory requested the Maine Supreme Court to offer an opinion on its Constitutionality, on the basis of RCV in its function requires a majority for the final result, but the Constitution just mandates a plurality. We had legal experts of high caliber expressing the view that it was likely Constitutional, since “majority” encompasses “plurality.” I was present when arguments for both sides made their case to a packed courtroom over a month ago. Last week their opinion (not a ruling, as there was no case brought) was rendered unanimously that it was unconstitutional as of now. However, the Constitution makes reference only to races in the general election for governor and legislative races, it does NOT affect primaries , nor races for federal office.” Read more on our Green Papers Blog:
Illinois Green Party #FightFor15 March on McDonald’s

Young Greens co-chair MJ Oviatt & Green Party US co-chair Chris Blankenhorn marched in Illinois for a People & Planet First Budget. 

 Lackawanna County Greens (PA) with Chelsea Taylor and Shane Rielly. Green Party Members at the Peace and Justice Center Awards Ceremony
The Hamilton County Green Party at 2017 PRIDE in Cincinnati Ohio.

Franklin County Green Party at the Pride Parade in Columbus, Ohio.

Ilinois Green Party marches in the Chicago Pride Parade.


May 31, 2017: Green Party affirms support for the Puerto Rican Day Parade on June 11. The Green Party of the United States affirmed its support for the 60th annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City on Sunday, June 11. “Greens called for the release of Oscar López Rivera long before President Obama commuted his prison sentence during the final days of the Obama Administration. We’re pleased to see him honored as ‘Procer de la Libertad’ — National Freedom Hero — in the Puerto Rican Day Parade,” said Hector López, a member of the Green Party of Connecticut.

June 2, 2017: Green Party talking points on Trump’s withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris accord on climate change. Green Party leaders and candidates strongly condemned President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change, which he announced on Thursday, June 1. “The Trump Administration has made a clear choice — a short-term boost for the extracted fuels industry and business as usual, over a balanced ecosystem for our planet. This is not President Trump’s decision to make. The stakes are too high, the consequences too grave. We’re encouraging activism across the U.S. to counteract the effects of Mr. Trump’s appalling decision,” said Neal Gale, Green candidate for Judge of Elections in Abington, Pennsylvania, in District 12-1.June 2, 2017:  The Green Party of Virginia leadership strongly condemns the decision made by President Trump, and announced June 1. Having charted a new course in the global climate effort, this international agreement brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects.

June 4, 2017National Women’s Caucus condemns Duterte rape comments The National Women’s Caucus condemns statements made by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte last week. After declaring martial law, Duterte told troops: “For this martial law, and the consequences of martial law, and the ramifications of martial law, I and I alone would be responsible … Just do your work. I will handle the rest. I will be imprisoned for you. If you rape three (women), I will say that I did it.”

June 5, 2017: The Indiana Green Party (INGP) held its Annual Congress at the historic Neidhammer on Saturday, June 3rd. Keynote speakers included Ohio Green Party Candidate for Senate – 2016, Joe DeMare, and Dr. George Wolfe, Professor Emeritus at Ball State University where he served as director of the Center for Peace and Conflicts Studies from 2002-06, and Coordinator of Outreach Programs from 2006-14. Local groups from across Indiana gathered and adopted the INGP bylaws and elected officers and delegates.

UN_Darlene_Elias.jpgJune 15, 2017: Green Party supports the Call to Action on Puerto Rico. Darlene Elias, a member of the National Party Steering Committee, will appear before the Decolonization Committee of the United Nations or Comité de Descolonización Organización de Naciones Unidas on June 16th.

Here is the opening to her statement:My name is Darlene Elias. I am one of seven National Co-Chairs of the Green Party of the United States y soy Boricua. Thank you for the opportunity to address such a prestigious and influential group of people here at the United Nations. To begin with, it is the position of the Green Party that the United States needs to sever its ties with Puerto Rico completely and allow for its people to live free of colonial rule for once and for all. U.S. imperialism has only served to oppress the growth and prosperity of Puerto Rico and its people.”



July 6, 2017: GreenStream Live on Facebook! The show will feature Green candidates running for public office in New Jersey and one of the Annual National Meeting organizers and begins at 9 p.m. ET. GreenStream can be viewed online on the Green Party’s Facebook page.

July 8, 2017: You can welcome Rev. Pinkney home at a dinner in Detroit on July 8th at 2pm at the Matthew & St. Joseph Episcopal Church 8850 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI. Former Green Party Candidate and Civil Rights Activist Rev. Edward Pinkney served the minimum sentence, 30 months (2-1/2 years), for a crime he never committed and was released on parole on Tuesday, June 13.

July 13-16, 2017: Annual National Meeting of the Green Party of the United States will be held on the campus of the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey.


GPUS_GreenLine_Store_graphic.pngGreen Party of the United States 202-319-7191 @GreenPartyUS

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Green Party of the United States

Green Party of the United States · PO Box 75075, Washington, DC 20013, United States
Corporate wars and profiteering have already bankrupted the nation. If we continue down this road, a global recession will occur and we will be in full retreat from 800 military bases while dying oceans flood all shores.


We had a solution!  We could have voted for Jill Stein and the Green New Deal.

“Establish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. End the wars and drone attacks, cut military spending by at least 50% and close the 800+ foreign military bases that are turning our republic into a bankrupt empire. Stop U.S. support and arms sales to human rights abusers, and lead on global nuclear disarmament.”

But instead we are in dangerous waters with a racist chump at the helm. 


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