Uncensored Truths: Bare naked;


Americans have an ignorant, racist misogynist at the helm. Donald presumes to call himself an American  “leader, ” after receiving support from less than 18% of the nation to get elected.

Since taking office, Trump has, through fumbling mismanagement and incredible stupidity, given a free hand to CIA and Pentagon agents. These tools have bankrupted the nation with avoidable wars of choice.

Spending trillions killing millions for billionaires like Trump is indefensible and incomprehensible.  The racist woman-hater in the White House is an international disgrace and his endorsement of dozens of wars of corporate aggression is a measure of the decline and fall of an empire…

There are not enough racists, misogynists and war-profiteers to give this tool more than nominal support from the richest 5%.

Donald remains rude, crude and functionally illiterate, while the CIA and Pentagon spend trillions killing millions for billionaires, munitions cartels and war-profiteers. Unprovoked American wars of aggression for extraction, exploitation and extortion… have bankrupted this nation and crippled the planet.  And dying oceans rise to flood all shores.


Everyday people in America and Iran are abused by their governments.

In many respects, all of us in America who struggle, are Iranians in spirit.ir-area

During WW2, Iran welcomed thousands of Polish refugees.

by Goudarz Eghtedari

During WW2, Iran welcomed thousands of Polish refugees. They fled their homeland, winding their migration through Russia all the way to Iran, who welcomed them. Today, Syria knocks at the doorstep of the world. Everywhere people flee tyranny, we have a moral obligation to help.

Seventy years ago, Iran opened its borders and welcomed those in search of a home. Refugees have lost everything they love––their homelands and jobs, friends, everything OXFAM MAP POSTERthat anchors a life.

Iranian? American? European? Let’s forget our nationalities, and act like citizens of this larger,  hurting world we live in. Please help.

Here are (some) organizations that help the world’s displaced homeless: UNHCR, Unicef, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, and the International Red Cross.


What would help most is if America were to export knowledge, technology and peace violence1instead of terror, munitions and war.

We can rebuild sustainable infrastructure and restore human resources by choosing peace over war.







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