Dr. Jill Stein is right about Education

Green Party candidate Jill Stein in Roxbury, Massachusetts on July 5, 2012.If we want to talk about education reform in America, we need to talk about Dr. Jill Stein.  

With all due respect to Bernie Sanders, he is running as a Democrat and his role is to make liberals, progressives and left-leaners feel like they are represented in the primary process. After Hillary’s billions take the nomination, Bernie has already told us he will back Hillary the Hawk and endorse “lesser-evilism,” unending war and the trickle-down theory.

Jill Stein and the Green Party may not be perfect in every respect, but she and the Greens GET the necessity of an independent political movement to challenge the duopoly.

“Stein is currently endorsed for President in 2016 by Noam Chomsky, a linguist, author and activist, and by Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and war correspondent, among others. She is as real as it gets.”


Bernie1A vote for Bernie Sanders is a conservative vote for the status quo: Sanders has voted to support dozens of American wars of choice, a useless bomber we do not need and ignoring Israeli aggression and law-breaking we finance.  A vote for Jill Stein is a vote to end corporate adventurism abroad and attacks on our students, elders and the most vulnerable among us at home.

“An argument can easily be made that Bernie’s entry into the contest for the Democratic nomination could be a blessing in disguise for Hillary…”

stein-caucus-articleInlineSo what gives?
Why aren’t leftists in the US uniting to form an independent leftist party?
Why are we so easily distracted by corporate marionettes?
Why do we remain sectarian when the challenges we face are stark and unambiguous?


“Telling the truth is all Jill has to do. Jeb and Hillary can continue to lie, misrepresent and attempt to defend the indefensible: the misuse of our troops to enforce corporate ambitions abroad… but the American people are not gonna take it anymore.

It is way past time to put a woman with a plan in charge.


                                                JILL STEIN SAYS:

“To ensure that our students have a strong, secure economic future, how about we bail out the students instead of bailing out the banks for the fourth time? The Federal Reserve just announced its latest quantitative easing, where it will be spending $40 billion a month to bail out the banks for what’s effectively the fourth bailout, yet we’ve really gone nowhere with these bailouts. It’s time to bail out the students instead, so that way students can enter into their professional life, their careers, without the deep burden of debt that they currently now have. While we’re at it, let’s make public higher education free. We owe it to our young people to give them a good, strong start in life. And we know this pays for itself from the GI Bill.”

Jill1“Our hope for revolutionary change
must be based on sustainable
investments in peace, justice
and taking care of the most
vulnerable among us.
We must not accept
domination and intimidation
by the so-called
“military-industrial complex.”


Establish basic right to free college education

cropped-cropped-peace-justice11.jpgStudents must be engaged because they bring creativity and fresh life into our economy. We will provide tuition-free higher education, since it’s comparable to a high school education in the 20th century–you need a higher education degree in the 21st century economy and it should be provided as a basic right.

Students are on the receiving end of generational injustice:  unfairness in jobs, a climate catastrophe–and we have to ask ourselves what kind of world we’re making for them, how we’re going to clean up this mess we’ve left for them. Students and young people are really on the receiving end.

resistWhat civilization devours its young? The profiteers are going after the young as a population to exploit. That’s why the loans are so high; that’s why young people have been put at the bottom of the priority list. They are victims of profiteering. We are all about fighting that.  Green jobs will help with this fight and we will forgive student debt.

Thirty million college students and recent graduates are trapped in the financial prison of student loan debt. Most students must take out loans to meet the skyrocketing cost of tuition. Yet paying off those loans is almost impossible as young people face double-digit unemployment and much lower pay–40% less–than their parents’ generation received for the same work.

Right to a tuition-free public education, pre-K thru collegeeducsThe Green New Deal begins with an Economic Bill of Rights that recognizes our rights to an economy that serves people. This means all of us have the right to quality education, health care, housing and utilities.

We will honor the right to a tuition-free, quality public education from pre-school through college at public institutions. And we will forgive student loan debt left over from the current era of unaffordable college education .

Focus on student needs, not corporate greedQ: Should school curriculum be set by local school boards, national standards, or somewhere in between?

A: To my mind, the issue here is not so much national versus local; the issue is more one of child-centered learning, and learning for lifetime education as opposed to teaching to the test. We focus on student needs, not corporate needs.

unionsMove school decisions from national to grassroots levelQ: You advocate for student needs over corporate education needs–does that mean schools should be more under local control, or more under federal control?

A: Our philosophy is to move things to the grassroots level; to move power to the grassroots from the government. It’s a decentralization philosophy. At the national level, we should focus on preventing abuse of education rules.

Education is central to democracy and in America, with Dr. Jill Stein, education will be a human right.  Why settle for anything less?

If you are tired of wage theft, slave labor and working poverty…  abandon the corporate cons and war-profiteers who have brought us twenty seven unnecessary wars, joblessness, and recession while sacrificing the peace to please munitions contractors.  It is time to stand firm.


This next election, we must send a message.  Write letters, provide options, explore solutions, let us know what our tactics must be to take back the nation.


“If I can quote Alice Walker, ‘The biggest way people give up power is by not knowing they have it to start with.’ And that’s true, for the environmental movement, the student movement, the antiwar movement, health-care-as-a-human-right movement—you put us all together, we have the potential for a Tahrir Square type event, and [to] turn the White House into a Green House in November.”


Dr. Jill Stein is the ticket.

She has a plan for shutting down dozens of wars of choice, including the ongoing brutality in Gaza and the West Bank. It is way past time we got past the last five angry and militant men, and put a capable, professional woman (and distinguished physician) in the White House.

Dr. Jill Stein can provide the critical transition from exporting munitions, terror and war… to exporting knowledge, technology and medical and agricultural expertise… along with peace in our time.

Let’s allow her to help heal a nation in distress.noam_chomsky_jill_stein

Stein was endorsed for President in 2012 by Noam Chomsky, a linguist, author and activist, and by Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and war correspondent, among others. She is as real as it gets.”


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  1. Hi this is Tim Slekar. I host BustED Pencils. BustED Pencils is a blog, news, podcast and radio show about progressive education. If you can put me in touch with Dr. Stein that would be great. We would like to interview her. Check out bustedpencils.com My email is timslekar@gmail.com


    1. Hello Tim. I will take a look at your blog. Dr. Jill Stein is easy to find. I met with her in 2008 when she was running for president the first time. She is brilliant, gracious and smarter than most of us. We grilled her on a host of issues and she she had the right answers. She was the only candidate standing up for peace in 2016.

      Stein is married to Richard Rohrer, who is also a physician. They live in Lexington, Massachusetts, and have two sons.

      Residence Address
      17 Trotting Horse Drive
      Lexington, MA 02421

      Mailing Address
      Jill Stein for President
      22 Kendall Rd
      Lexington, MA 02421

      E-mail Address

      Web Site Address

      Age 66
      Place of Birth
      Chicago, IL

      Spouse’s Name
      Richard Rohrer

      Children’s Names
      Ben, Noah


      MD, Harvard Medical School, 1979; BA, Psychology Sociology
      Anthropology, Harvard University, 1973

      Political and Government Positions:
      Lexington Town Meeting

      Special Interests:
      Neurotoxicology, nutrition, music: guitar and percussion, hiking, camping, nature, dogs

      She has a family cat named Willy.


      Jill Stein’s Power to the People Plan creates deep system change, moving from the greed and exploitation of corporate capitalism to a human-centered economy that puts
      people, planet and peace over profit. It empowers the American people to fix our broken
      political system and make real the promise of democracy


      Jill Stein
      The above is the official campaign page for Jill 2016. This page is managed by Jill…



      best regards,
      Tim Flanagan
      2228 West Kent Avenue
      Missoula, MT


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