Bernie, Hillary, Trump, Biden, Obama, Pence and Warren support corporate wars and Israeli attacks on Gaza

Bernie told us in 2016 that he wants to continue Obamas’ wars, send drones killing innocents, bomb countries who did not attack us, assassinate people without due process and start a ground war on ISIS by selling Saudi Arabia 20 billion dollars per year in arms and putting that monarchy in charge.

“On foreign policy, the Vermont independent’s ‘political revolution’ hasn’t done much to distinguish itself from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.”

How is this revolutionary?  
If Bernie were to continue spending trillions, killing millions for billionaires, this would only continue to bankrupt the nation while making  health care reform and free college impossible.

“All the corporate candidates for president, including Bernie Sanders, along with a media that is a shameless echo chamber for the elites, embrace endless war. Lost are the art of diplomacy, the ability to read the cultural, political, linguistic and religious landscape of those we dominate by force, the effort to dissect the roots of Jihadi rage and violence, and the simple understanding that Muslims do not want to be occupied any more than we would want to be occupied.

…This will not end well. The massive violence we employ throughout the Middle East will never achieve 8c87a-ciaduhits goals. State terror will not defeat individual acts of terror. More and more innocents will be sacrificed here and abroad, in a furious and futile campaign. Rage and collective humiliation will mount.

As we continue to fail to blunt attacks against us, we will become more aggressive and more lethal. Internal enemies—especially Muslims—will be demonized, endure hate crimes and be hunted down. The most tepid forms of criticism and dissent will be criminalized.”…/page2/states_of_terror_20151122

To fund these futile unending wars, Sanders wants to try to raise taxes, but Jill Stein will shut down the wars, automatically providing funding for reform.

“Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Mike Pence, Joe Biden, Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton… have endorsed, encouraged, enabled and perpetrated unnecessary wars and avoidable profiteering for the corporate elite.

More years of unending war is what they promise: dozens of unnecessary wars, thousands of avoidable drones and more troubling presidential assassinations which make murder without trial the new American rule without law.

But this house of cards will fall.”


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