International Green Party vs War Parties

votegreenbuttonThe Green Party represents most Americans’ views on securing the peace, universal nonprofit health care, rebuilding infrastructure, reforming banks, creating a healthy environment, campaign finance reform, restrictions of corporate power, elimination of genetically modified foods, erasure of student debt, restoring functioning schools, providing four years of college and investments in a healing planet.
The International Green Party just Swept Europe and is growing in leaps and bounds in cities around the globe… There are Greens in every state of the union, by November they could control the vote and determine the course of this nation.
bombing iraq 4 presidents

Neither of the war parties represents the American people. These profiteers are not on our side. The late George Herbert Walker Bush… along with Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now Don Trump… have the same platform: Dozens of wars of unprovoked aggression about corporate extraction, exploitation and extortion. This is not working. The corporate-American paries are shrinking and Greens about peace, people and planet are growing fast.

If we let the war parties drag us into their gutter, economists predict the American economy will fall apart before 2030..
The fall of the American dollar will trigger global depression. American military and intelligence resources will be retreating from more than 800 bases while toxic oceans rise to flood nuclear reactors, cities, towns and all shores.

But we CAN make better choices…

all ships can rise.


“At this crucial time in our lives, when everything is so desperate, when every day is a matter of survival, I don’t think you can help but be involved.”
~Nina Simone

“You get racism crossing the street; it’s in the very fabric of American society.”cropped-images
~Nina Simone

“Jazz is not just music, it’s a way of life, it’s a way of being, a way of thinking.”
~Nina Simone


“You’ve got to learn to leave the table, When love’s no longer being served.”

~Nina Simone


“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”

Emma Goldman

 1-REVOLUTION The right to rebellion is the right to seek a higher rule… GEORGE ELIOT

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“Remember this: We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

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