Amoral triangulation and anticipation…

The amoral destruction of crops, food and thousand-year-old olive trees by the IDF is one of the Why do Israeli settlers uproot or cut down trees on Palestinian land? -  Quoramost perverse, sick and depraved crimes on record.


These disgusting deeds would make Hitler proud.

What can these abject fools

who obey IDF orders be thinking?

They must not think.

Muddy Waters – You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had


Perhaps getting away with war crimes for years kills brain cells.


Must be what happened to the IDF and right wing leadership in Israel as well as thugs in the Pentgon, Congress, the Executive Branch, the Supreme Court, the CIA, and in 16 more intelligence services, agencies, contractors, mercenaries, spies, and assassins who supervise 49 unprovoked American wars enforcing extraction, exploitation and extortion.

Sometimes truth really sucks.

Some days it feels like ya’ can’t get much lower

or things get any more stupid. .cropped-paolocurtazdotit.jpg

But every day fools at the helm prove us wrong…

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Together we make a difference.

Thanks for all you do.

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