Facebook’s New Content Censorship

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Facebook has announced a new and overt content censorship program.

All of the ongoing indirect and covert censorship they have practiced in the past, (jail, removed posts, shadow-banning, reduced reach and/or blocked privileges) have now become overt and direct corporate policy.
You Think China Has a COVID-19 Censorship Problem? We Aren't Much Better |  MedPage Today

Here is their new, formal program of direct content censorship.  Just thought you should know. Am hoping

someone can determine if this is even legal!  This resembles changes in Germany during the 1930s. I wonder where this may lead.

Am not sure how to react. Perhaps it might be advisable to abandon Facebook. They appear to have abandoned common sense.  Take a look.

This is not edited: Straight from Meta. Perhaps Facebook/Meta should be called “Big Brother.”


“Information on Prohibited Ads Related to Voting,  Social Issues, and Elections

Information on Prohibited Ads Related to Voting and Ads About Social Issues, Elections

Restriction period for the United States 2022 general election and additional prohibited ads related to voting

We’ve taken additional steps to help secure the integrity of elections by implementing a restriction period leading up to the 2022 general elections in the United States in addition to our efforts in certain countries to help reduce the spread of misinformation about voting.

Restriction period in the United StatesWill Increasing Government Censorship Lead To A Fragmented Web?

To help provide additional time for scrutiny of ads about social issues, elections or politics in the final week of campaigning, we’re introducing a restriction period for ads about social issues, elections or politics in the United States.

Advertisers won’t be able to create and run new ads about social issues, elections or politics in the United States beginning Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 12:01AM PT until Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 11:59 PM PT.

Ads about social issues, elections or politics that served an impression in the United States before the restriction period began are allowed to continue running during the restriction period, but with limited editing capabilities. Once the restriction period begins at 12:01 AM PT on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, advertisers can adjust the bid amount, budget amount, and scheduled end date of their ads that require a disclaimer. They can also pause or unpause ads as long as those ads served at least one impression before 12:01 AM PT on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. However, any edits related to creative, placement, targeting, and optimization won’t be allowed. We recommend you to leverage Ads Manager to make these edits.

We suggest that you routinely check this page for the latest information and updates. For guidance on how to maximize your advertising during this period and avoid any unnecessary delays, please refer to our best practices guidance.

Soft and Quiet: Self-Censorship In An Era of Book Challenges | Book RiotOn or after 12:01 AM PT on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, advertisers can’t:

Ad level

  • Edit any creative aspects including:

    • Edit or upload new video assets
    • Edit or upload new image assets
    • Edit the Website URL or Display link
    • Edit the Primary text, Headline, Description or Call to action button
  • Change the Facebook Page or Instagram account that the ad is running from
  • Change the tracking method (Website Events, App Events, Offline Events, Pixel)
  • Copy/duplicate any ads

Ad set level

  • Make edits to targeting selections at the Ad Set level, including any edits to Lookalikes or Custom Audiences created from Mobile, Website, and Customer Lists Custom Audiences used in active Ad Sets
  • Edit the placement including editing Advantage+ placements (formerly known as automatic placements)
  • Change the bid type or cost per result goal
  • Change the optimization
  • Change the attribution setting
  • Change the delivery method from standard to accelerated (or vice versa)

Campaign levelUkraine: from press freedom to censorship risks / Ukraine / Areas /  Homepage - Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa

  • Change the objective for a campaign
  • Remove, switch, or add a disclaimer

Campaign level

  • Run an ad that has served impressions
    from a different ad account

Ads include boosted posts, which will be subject to the limitation above and can’t be boosted during the restriction period. Ads about social issues, elections or politics in the United States must be created and serve an impression before November 1, 2022 in order to run during the restriction period. If you’re planning to run existing ads about social issues, elections or politics during this restriction period, you’ll be able to:

  • Pause existing ads
  • Unpause paused ads as long as they delivered an impression and are stored in the Ad Library before November 1, 2022
  • Edit the bid amount
  • Edit the budget
  • Edit the schedule (e.g. new end date)

You’ll be unable to make any other edits to previously approved ads that are running during the restriction period. If you’re planning to run ads about social issues, elections or politics for the first time:

  • You’ll need to become authorized to run ads.
  • Your ads must have an impression by November 1, 2022 in order to run during the restriction period.

We recommend that advertisers prepare accordingly as ID verification reviews typically take up to 48 hours, location confirmation can take up to 2 weeks, disclaimer reviews take up to 24 hours, and ad reviews take up to 72 hours.Judge orders state prisons to revamp censorship policy | Arizona Capitol  Times

To help avoid last-minute ad disapprovals, advertisers should closely review this article for more guidance on our ad policies about social issues, elections and politics, which includes examples of ads that do or don’t require authorization and a disclaimer.

Will Meta have a pause for ads about social issues, elections or politics after the US 2022 General Election Day?

The ad pause put in place in 2020 was intended to be a temporary measure in response to extraordinary circumstances in the US. In 2022, the restriction period will lift the day after the election and we have no plans to extend it.

Prohibited ads policy related to elections

We’re always working to protect the integrity of elections on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve established measures in which ads related to voting around elections (this includes primary, general, special, and run-off elections) are subject to additional prohibitions and could be rejected if in violation of our policies. At this time, this policy applies to the United States, Brazil, Israel, and Italy.
National Coalition Against Censorship - Wikipedia
Ads targeting the United States, Brazil, Israel and Italy
with the following content aren’t allowed:

  • Ads that discourage people from voting in
    an election. This includes ads that portray
    voting as useless/meaningless and/or advise
    people not to vote.
  • Ads that call into question the legitimacy of an upcoming or ongoing election.
  • Ads with premature claims of election victory.

This prohibition includes ads that call into question the legitimacy of the methods and processes of elections, as well as their outcomes.

This also includes ads about upcoming elections in current or future years, as well as ongoing elections that have not been finalized. We consider an election to be finalized when it has been certified and officials have been sworn into office.”


Little Feat At The Rainbow Theatre, London 1977 With Mick Taylor  
WRITER Lowell George

National Coalition Against Censorship | The First Amendment Encyclopedia
I am not an attorney, so what do you think folks… is this even legal? What might be the best response?

None of the other hundreds of social media platforms have decided to overtly censor content.  I find this bizarre.

When we are prohibited from posting truth, asking questions or exploring social issues…  what we get before elections will be restricted to corporate lies approved by our Big Meta Brother.

J.J Cale / Lies

best regards, Tim Flanagan

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