Obamacare is not Sustainable… the Sky is the Limit

singlepayerhealthcarethumbNow that the “Affordable Care Act” is in motion, the costs have gone up an average of 40% and will rise another 10% this year.
Deductibles have skyrocketed, which means even if you are insured, if you do not have
money for copayments, you
do not get health care.
Also 31 million Americans
cannot get health care because
the corporate-centric plan excludes them.
We need single payer to catch up with
the rest of the world. The struggle continues.


Health care as a share of GDP is irrelevant.
What you have to pay is what counts.

It is true that corporate transnationals have made tons of money charging you for insurance and munitions, but the downside is we pay more for healthcare than we used to. 40% more and rising. Reality persists.

onemorethingThe solution is single payer.
We are not there yet.

“The math is not complex.
Instead of doling out corporate welfare
to insurance firms, we pay that money to deliver actual health care. As health improves, costs go down. “Single-payer allows citizens and businesses to win twice: — less money out of our individual budgets for health insurance, and — no government bureaucracy that gives our tax money to the less efficient health insurance companies through a variety of federal and state programs”


The math is not complex. Instead of doling out corporate welfare to insurance firms, we pay that money to…

49-State Analysis: Obamacare To Increase
Individual-Market Premiums By Average Of 41%

educs“One of the fundamental flaws of the Affordable Care Act is that, despite its name, it makes health insurance more expensive. Today, the Manhattan Institute released the most comprehensive analysis yet conducted of premiums under Obamacare for people who shop for coverage on their own. Here’s what we learned. In the average state, Obamacare will increase underlying premiums by 41 percent.”


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